3 May 2024

The configurator by DND lever handles.

An excellent instrument to define the correct choice of finishing of your DND handles.

Brand DND and please take a look!

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Pure Metallics, Colours & Neutrals

8 August 2023

Pure Metallics, Colours & Neutrals

A range of colours and finishes applicable to all the products in the collection, which has been developed to offer new solutions to architects, interior designers and decorators, to improve the creation of spaces, broaden their options and enable big changes through small details. A palette of colours that consists of two types of finish: the "Pure Metallics" showcase the part's metallic appearance, and "Neutrals" and "Coulours", which cover the part completely.

Custom Colours

The production of electrostatic coating finishes not only allows us to launch new colour palettes. It also means we listen, adapt and manufacture according to the needs and tastes of clients. Didheya's custom coulours service means we can create unique parts for specific projects.

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5 October 2022

Recently we exturded our programm with the topbrand "Colombo Design" and "Antologhia". This stylish and design range offers leverhandles with a warranty of 10 till 30 years and comply to class 4 norm EN 1906. Please have a look on our website and also on our brandspallet.

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3 August 2022

The Single-Motion Unlocking Door Pull is life-safety hardware that makes egress easier and more elegant. Opening the door from the inside simultaneously releases the bolt and thumbturn for simpler, quicker exiting. Based on an activation bar and latching system, this ADA Compliant pull is available for sliding and swing doors (both push and pull), and comes in a range of lengths and finishes to complement different environments. The Single Motion Unlocking Door Pull is designed for Rim cylinder, Rim cylinder with IC and digital Rim cylinder with card.

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15 March 2022

Esor is a small basque foundry especialized in making handles that was born out of the deep-rooted basque tradition of metal works.


From its beginnings it aims to differentiate itself by elaborating delicatlely finished products, for wich its manual processes of production are key. Craft working steps by which pieces are manipulated one by one untel smooth visually attractive surfaces are obtained.

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Magnetic doorstops

15 March 2021

StoppinoClose is a closing system for doors without traditional locks. Thanks to a system with two magnets, it is possible to keep te door shut in any situation. Moreover, there is no noise when opening and closing the door. (stock products)

Stoppino Open is a concealed magnetic door-stopper developed for interior doors. It prevents the door from opening too far and damaging nearby wall ofr furniture or slamming because of the wind. (stock products)

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Doorhandles antibacterial coated

6 October 2020
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15 July 2020
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4 September 2018

Please take note that all finishes in RAL 9005 and 9016 will be powder coated.

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18 September 2017

Ferretto is the new furniture hardware range, a brand with an industrial look.

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