Arrêt de porte magnétique

15 mars 2021

StoppinoClose is a closing system for doors without traditional locks. Thanks to a system with two magnets, it is possible to keep te door shut in any situation. Moreover, there is no noise when opening and closing the door. (stock products)

Stoppino Open is a concealed magnetic door-stopper developed for interior doors. It prevents the door from opening too far and damaging nearby wall ofr furniture or slamming because of the wind. (stock products)

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Poignées antimicorbien

6 octobre 2020
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15 juillet 2020
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4 septembre 2018

Veuillez noter que toute laquage en couleur RAL 9005 et 9016 est en finition laque époxy.

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18 septembre 2017

Nouveauté dans notre assortiment : la quincaillerie de meuble au design industriel de la marque Ferretto.

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